About Binarymission





Binarymission Technologies Ltd., incorporated in November 2002, is a privately owned software development and consultancy services company based in England, Great Britain.


Company registration number: 04583530. Company incorporated and registered in England and Wales, Great Britain.

UK VAT Id: GB 847408995

Ownership & Control



The company has been formed, controlled and run by Sundaranarayanan Subramaniam who has over 19 years of International Software design, development and consulting expertise, having consulted various multinational corporations like Covansys, UNUM Provident, Unisys, FS Walker Hughes (UK), Eqinity / Lloyds TSB UK, Workshare, UK, Ford (Australia), Think IT (UK), Digit Design (Italy/UK), RM Plc., UK, British Gas (Centrica), Betfair UK, Anglian Water UK, Schlumberger UK, Schlumberger, France,  and a host of others, for numerous large scale enterprise level multi-tier applications involving agile development practices and multiple technologies and architectures.


All our .NET control/component products and consultancy services are designed, developed and serviced by Sundaranarayanan Subramaniam


Our consulting customers includes very well-established UK software companies, and we are very happy and consider ourselves honoured, to be associated with them.

Our .NET products are used by a variety of end-users / companies across the globe.


For any .NET product related support or pre-sales questions, please write to us at: support AT binarymission.co.uk


Sundaranarayanan Subramaniam

Owner & Software Architect

Binarymission Technologies Ltd., UK

Contact: Please refer to contacts page

Blog: http://www.sundaranarayanan.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sundaranarayanan



Our Mission


We aim to provide the leading edge business applications and productivity enhancement tools that businesses need, to compete in today's dynamic and highly competitive world.


Binarymission offers to design and build components and controls targeting the Microsoft Windows and .NET platforms to help our customers build amazing, jaw-dropping UI/UX  and Line-Of-Business (LOB) applications.

Binarymission Specialist Consulting Services

  • .NET WinForms, WPF & Silverlight development consulting, specifically on


  • Bespoke application development using WPF, WinForms and Silverlight
  • Mentoring on WPF and Silverlight applications design and development
  • Complex .NET Custom controls development for your application needs
  • Developing Custom controls design-time components for use in Microsoft Blend and Visual Studio
  • Developing Custom Behavior components using Microsoft Blend
  • Mentoring and helping in adopting MVVM pattern & PRISM in WPF & Silverlight application development


  • Application design consulting, specifically on the following


  • Adopting and designing applications using MEF, IoC frameworks
  • Adopting Domain-driven-design (DDD), Identifying Bounded contexts, domain entities and value objects for application design
  • Using Behaviour driven development (BDD) in developing applications, specifically using SpecFlow.NET
  • Consulting on clean application layering & "separation of concerns", thinking in terms of SOLID design principles and modern design patterns
  • Akka.NET based application development for actor based thread-safe communication across systems, including remote systems (using Akka .NET Remoting infrastructure)
  • Mentor and Train development teams in Rx (Reactive Extensions), Reactive UI framework, Task parallel library and TPL DataFlow .NET
  • Architecture design review and recommendations
  • Designing and developing WCF services


  • Distributed application design, solution architecture and Application security, with specialist expertise on


  • Enterprise Service Bus based messaging systems architecture, specializing in NServiceBus, MSMQ and RavenDB
  • Performance analysis and tuning, providing expert guidance on setting up distributed caching (specifically helping adopt nCache),  advising on applications High availability solutions and guidance on designing (and refactoring existing application for) scalable applications
  • WCF services design, WCF security design
  • Consulting on adopting suitable & appropriate architectural styles from REST, WS-*, HTTP- Type I & HTTP-Type II API / architectural styles
  • Workflow orchestration and custom activities based application development using Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Web application security, DPAPI abstraction and application in the solution, protection against XSS & CSRF attacks


  • Defining Technical architecture


  • Consulting & mentoring on Agile development methodology using SCRUM & Kanban (Scrumban), TDD, BDD