Product Support



Welcome to our product support information area.


Binarymission offers customer support only through email.

That said, there are a variety of ways to get technical support, in addition to contacting us through email.



Customers are advised to use the following tools and services for support:



A. Technical Support via Email


Write to us here: support AT

[Replace AT with @ symbol of course)


Important: Please ensure that your email servers allows our company email id/domain id to be recognized as trusted id, otherwise none of our replies to your emails will ever reach you! (since your email server may be blocking our replies)




  • Retail (licensed) customers - please quote your retail license information or license id as part of your subject, in order to ensure you enjoy a faster premium / priority support.
  • Customers evaluating our products are also welcome to use the above email id to contact us for any technical queries.




B. Customers support Forums


We also host forums for various of our products, and you could also choose to raise your questions in there.

Please note that the email support service is fastest service.


Forums website is here:




C. Premium Customer Portal (available for retail Corporate license customers)