Install / Uninstall Instructions





Installing the product: Setup


  • Download the desired product package by clicking on the relevant download link button in the download page
  • After the package has downloaded to your machine, please ensure to UNBLOCK the file for proceeding with the install
  • Proceed to the next steps (below), only after un-blocking the file as per the instructions in the download page
  • Now, please extract the compressed file contents (typically the content will be one .msi file) into any folder of your choice
  • Now that you have the .msi setup file with you, you can now execute / run the file by double-clicking it
  • If windows asks for your permission to allow the msi installation package to execute and install the product, please allow by selecting OK.
  • Go through the simple instructions that will appear on the screen. The setup workflow will take you through the necessary steps to complete the installation
  • In one of the screens, the installer will show the (default) folder where it will install the product. However, you can change the folder to be any folder of your choice.
  • Once you reach the final screen in the setup process, you can click on the Finish / complete button in that screen to quit the installation process
  • In the last screen,you will see a check-box in the screen asking if you want the installer to run our WelcomeApp after the install completes.
  • The WelcomeApp is a small application that provides some useful information such as the summary of what has been installed, where you can find the installation, and some more information of use for future.
  • If you happy to run it, leave the check-box ticked (by default, it will be ticked / checked).
  • The product (i.e. the .Net controls, samples, etc.) should now have been installed into your chosen folder
  • If you had kept the View / run WelcomeApp check-box ticked (in the last screen), you will now see the WelcomeApp launched. You can read up the information on its welcome screen and / or close the application by clicking its Exit button.



Installing the .NET controls into Visual Studio toolbox


  • Run a session of Visual Studio (if it is not already running)
  • Keep the Visual Studio Toolbox window open
  • Right-click on the toolbox (anywhere), and click the "Choose Items..." context menu command, and click it
  • The Components selection window will now open
  • Go to the ".NET Framework Components" tab page, and click the "Browse..." button
  • The above action should open a Windows explorer style file(s) selection window
  • Browse to the specific folder where you asked the Setup program to install the Binarymission .NET control product
  • From the product installation folder, select the appropriate .NET control dll assembly file(s)
  • Once you have selected the desired .NET control dll file(s), click on the Open button in the window
  • In the Visual Studio tab page window, you will see that the selected assembly dll file is displayed (and the check-box ticked)
  • Click on the OK command button in this tab page screen
  • The above action should have brought the desired .NET control into your Visual Studio toolbox now
  • Alternatively, you can also drag/drop the desired .dll file directly from the folder in the Windows Explorer and into the Visual Studio Toolbox
  • Now, you can drag/drop the installed control from the toolbox into the Form design surface
  • The .NET control is now ready for your use



It is advisable to follow the following steps in the order as they appear i.e. removing from Visual Studio toolbox first, and then uninstall the product from the machine.



Un-installing the .NET controls from Visual Studio toolbox


  • Run a session of Visual Studio (if it is not already running)
  • Keep the Visual Studio Toolbox window open
  • Select the appropriate .NET control that want to remove from the system
  • Right-click on that control item, and click the Delete content menu command



Un-installing the product: Setup


  • Open the Control Panel in your Windows machine. You can find this in the Windows start menu
  • Click the Uninstall a program command link in that screen
  • From the resulting screen, where a list of installed applications are displayed, select the appropriate .NET control product that you want to uninstall from your machine
  • Click the Uninstall command button on the toolbar in that screen
  • The above action should initiate the uninstall process